Branding Guidelines

Boss Manufacturing Company branding guidelines have been created to ensure proper brand implementation and use of the Boss Manufacturing Company brand logo. In order to strengthen the Boss Manufacturing brand, all uses of the logo must remain consistent. Please download our branding guidelines to further understand the proper use of the brand, logo sizing, colors, and how to properly combine all of those elements to help ensure proper execution of branding identity standards.

Download Branding Guide



The Boss logo is to be displayed as one solid color, primarily in 100% white on a colored background. When this is not obtainable, the logo should appear as a solid Pantone 485C (red). As a very last resort, 100% process black may be used. More information on using the Boss logo can be found in our Branding Guide.



Download Boss Logo Package


Boss Distributor Logos

Let your customers know that you are a proud distributor of Boss safety products! Our distributor logo package contains 2 variations of authorized distributor logos to display on your website, marketing materials, etc.


Download Distributor Logos

Product Images

Please note, all product images in low and high resolution can be downloaded directly from our website. To do so, click on the image to enlarge it, and then drag to your desktop or right-click to “Save As.” If you have an account with us, clicking “Download Image” will open the image to its full size, which will then allow you to save the image or drag it to your desktop.

Note: Some images are sized at 72dpi with oversized dimensions, which can be scaled proportionality to a useable 300 dpi image. An official user account may be needed to properly download all available marketing materials, sell sheets, test reports, and/or images. Please speak with your sales or customer service rep for more information.


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