Ordering, Shipping, and Distribution

Q: From which location do orders ship?
A: All orders are packed and shipped from our central distribution center in Kewanee, Illinois.

Q: What is your standard order lead time?
A: Standard lead time for most orders is 24 hours, plus additional time for any re-handling that may be required.

Q: Are you able to provide advance ship notices (ASN)?
A: Yes, this option is available for our EDI customers. Please contact us for details.

Q: Can I purchase a single item from Boss directly?
A: Our primary customers are distributors and retailers. Although we do not sell to the general public directly, we would be happy to direct you to a Boss retailer or distributor in your area. Please contact us for assistance.

Q: Is Boss capable of electronic transfers or electronic data interchange (EDI)?
A: Yes. To learn more about our EDI capabilities, please contact us.

Q: Can I combine shipments of Boss rainwear, boots and gloves?
A: Yes, Boss products can be shipped together for your convenience.

Q: Does Boss distribute goods outside of the United States?
A: Boss partners with select distributors throughout the world. Contact us to learn more about our direct import program. Boss Canada operates independently throughout Canada and can be contacted by emailing sales@bosscanadainc.ca.

Products, Labeling and Care

Q: Are all of your products UPC coded?
A: All Boss products have a corresponding UPC Code. All tagged goods are labeled with the related UPC-A barcode for retail scanning purposes.

Q: Why do some of your product labels refer to restrictions on sale in the State of California?
A:¬†California’s Proposition 65 entitles California consumers to special warnings for products that contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm if those products expose consumers to such chemicals above certain threshold levels. A large number of common chemicals, some of which are used in gloves and protective apparel, can be the subject of such warnings As a distributor of products into California, our products must comply with applicable laws. We care about the safety of our customers and provide appropriate labeling to assist them in their buying decisions.

Q: Are you able to pre-ticket or label your products to meet our requirements?
A: In most cases we are able to accommodate ticketing and labeling requests. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Q: What is the significance of the different thumb styles?
A: There are three different thumb types: straight thumb, wing thumb and keystone thumb. To learn more about our different thumb styles, please download our Glove Terms Guide.

Q: Can I launder your gloves?
A: Several of our styles can be laundered. In general, styles made with pigskin and goatskin launder well. Please contact your sales representative for details on specific glove styles.


Q: Do you offer a wide array of sizes?
A: Boss gloves are offered in a variety of sizes, depending on the style and customer demand. Glove styles are offered in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL and 2XL, as well as a small assorted selection of children’s sizes. Our rainwear line ranges from S to 6X for select styles. Boss boot sizes range from sizes 5 to 18 for select styles.

Q: Do you make any gloves larger than an XL?
A: We make a number of gloves in 2X sizes, like untagged leather palm style #1JL9395, which is available in size 3X. Our customer representatives can help you identify additional glove styles.

Q: Do you make children’s gloves?
A: We make a selection of glove styles just for kids, including, jersey, chore, leather and gardening styles.

Q: What is the difference between gauge and mil?
A: Gauge and mil are units of measurement used to measure the thickness of plastic or PVC materials. You can convert a mil measurement to a gauge measurement by multiplying it by 100.

Q: What is the difference between PVC and rubber boots?
A: PVC boots are constructed using one piece of material, making them less prone to leaks between welts. Rubber boots stay flexible in the cold and are recommended for use in chillier climates.

Q: What are the differences between the material linings options?
A: Boss offers gloves with various linings ideal for a variety of applications. To learn more about our different material linings, please visit our Glove Terms Guide.

Q: What are the differences between the leather options?
A: Boss offers many different types of leathers. To learn more about our different types, please visit our Glove Terms Guide.

Q: How do I decide which string knit gloves are best for a particular application?
A: There are two different types of string knits: coated and uncoated. Uncoated string knits offer high tactile sensitivity, comfort and light hand protection during general purpose use. Coated string knits provide excellent grip and dexterity with increased protection from abrasions, punctures, tears and cuts.

Q: What are your recommendations for chemical protection?
A: Please refer to our Chemical Chart for protection recommendations relative to your specific application.

Advertising and Images

Q: Do you provide high resolution images of your products?
A: For your convenience, we offer high-resolution images of all our products on our website. If another format is needed, please contact customer service.